Mariager - Handest Veteranjernbane

Take a seat, and go for a ride as they did in 1910 in the old veteran train between Mariager and Handest. 

Even the ticket takes you back: a roundtrip ticket in form of a brown paper vallet, and the trip has begun. With real steam, the conductor blowing the whitsle for departure and off you go.


A 17 km., ride along the most beautiful parts of Denmark with Mariager Fjord, small towns, forests and hills etc. With 30 km. per hour, you'll get to take it all in!

A roundtrip takes 45 minutes each way - with plenty to see, and possibility to get off at stretch your legs. 

So bring the entire family and have an oldfashioned pinic with a n oldfashioned trainride. 

Throughout the summer, the railway rides with different themes:

  • Motor Day - every train is out on the tracks from 9:00 – 18:00
  • Suitcase Day - bring an old leather suitcase, and ride the train for free - dressing up too, makes it all more fun.
  • The Big Train Day - trains are running all day from 9:00 – 18:00
  • Teddy bear Day -  all children accompanied by adults, and bringing their favorite teddy bear, rides the train for free. 



See more and buy your ticket here!

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Ny Havnevej 4
9550 Mariager


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