Weddings in Mariagerfjord

Mariagerfjord is blessed with a wide range of exciting and romantic locations for the perfect wedding ceremony og wedding party.

Imagine a ceremony in the old convent church of Mariager, in the beautiful nature of Bramslev Bakker or at the stern, onboard the "paddle steamer" Svanen - the posibilities are endless...

The ceremony

Mariagerfjord is known for its beautiful nature, Denmarks Most Beautiful Fjord and the historical charm of the unique townscapes. This unique combination of attributes is perfect for planning a romantic wedding ceremony, that You will never forget.

Civil marriage ceremony

Besides the beautiful churches, You can also choose to be married by the mayor, or of a person granted permisson by the mayer, to preform the ceremony.

If You live abroad You need need to contact the Town Council Secretariat at: Nordre Kajgade 1, DK-9500 Hobro. (You must bring documantation, which proves that you are staying legally in Denmark)

If you are citizens of an EU- / EEA country. You can legally stay in Denmark for up to 3. months, and if You want to be married, while Your visiting Denmark, The Secretariat needs to see Your passport with an entry stamp. You also have to bring civil status certificate from your home country


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The party

Whatever You are looking for, You will find the perfect place to celebrate the wedding party in Mariagerfjord.

Hotels and Inn's

In Mariagerfjord, there are a wide range of cosy hotels and ins, each with its own distinctive caracter.


Here You will find everything You can imagine - everything from modern hotels with high-quality gastronomical cuisine to old rural inns, with classical danish cuisine...


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Restauranter i Ferielandet Mariager Fjord


If You want to celebrate "the big day" on a nice restaurant - Mariagerfjord is the place to be. Here You will find everything from French and Italian cuisine on a gastronomical level or traditional high quality danish cuisine.


> Restaurants in Mariagerfjord





Venues in Mariagerfjord

Perfect for parties

In Mariagerfjord, there are a wide range of different options, when chosing where to have Your wedding party.


 Here You will find both hotels and luxurius Bed & Breakfasts. All of them are absolutely perfect for both the ceremony, the party and the wedding night.


> Perfect for parties



Something old, new, borrowed and blue...

When Planning Your wedding, it it is often a matter of details, that makes Your wedding an unforgettable and romantic event.

In Mariagerfjord, You have plenty of oppertunities to make a "taylor-made" wedding - Both when it comes to the ceremony, the party, transportation etc...

Weddings in the Nature

Horse Carriage in Mariager

Arrive in an old steam train...

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