In Mariagerfjord there are plenty of posibilities when You wish to go shopping, and in all the local merchant towns it is easy to make a bargain. 

Here You can let Yourself be tempted by a wide selection of specialty shops and grocery shops - In Mariagerfjord, You can find everything that Your heart desires.

Local merchant towns

In the local merchant towns You have to hang on to Your hat and Your wallet ...that is if You don't want to be tempted by the exciting specialty shops and lots of good offers.

Shopping i Hobro


Hobro is not only the largest of the local merchant towns in Mariagerfjord, but it is also ideal for a cosy shopping trip. There are a wide selection of exciting specialty shops, where You can find almost anything between heaven and earth.

Shopping in Mariager


Mariager is, as the smallest CittaSlow town in Denmark, known for appreciating the old crafts and the good local products. This makes Mariager perfect for a different shopping trip, where You can experience the authentic and historical atmosphere.

Shopping in Hadsund


Hadsund is known for it's good shopping possibilities on the long, beautiful pedestrian street and the indoor shopping centre Butikscenter Hadsund.

Shopping centres and specialty shops

There are a wide range of specialty shops in Mariagerfjord. These shops include everything from shops with decicious foods to local artists and ordinary specialty shops.

Hadsund Butikscenter

Butikscenter Hadsund

Butikscenter Hadsund is an indoor shopping centre, which offers grocery shops and exciting fashion shops, sporting goods shops etc.

Hobro Wine and Cheese

Hobro Wine and Cheese

A specialty shop wide selection of wines, spirits, beers, freshly grinded coffee, tea, good danish chocolate, cheeses and sausages etc.

Falslevgaard Farm Shop between Mariager and Hadsund

Falslevgaard Farm Shop

Falslevgaard is an organic farm shop that produces and sells freshly grinded flour, cereal, grain, oatmeal and tea etc.

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