Like a wide ribbon, Denmark’s “most beautiful fjord”, Mariager Fjord, bends its way through the region. Between flat marshy areas, high-sloping hillsides, past Hadsund to the City of Roses, Mariager, the charming fishing village Stinesminde, beautiful Bramslev Bakker and Rold Skov, all the way to Hobro, home of the Vikings, at the inner-part of the fjord.

Mariagerfjord has an unusual, varied landscape. Lakes, streams, forests and of course the fjord makes it a true paradise for nature enthusiasts.

Denmark's most beautiful fjord

...This is the way most people would describe Mariager Fjord - and not without reason.

Canoe, kayak and watersports on Mariager Fjord

Canoe, kayak and watersports

If you want to experience Mariager Fjord from the seaside and in Your own pace, then Mariager Fjord is suited for sailing canoe or kayak. The calm waters of the fjord offers perfect conditions for both untrained and skilled sailors. 

Unique nature

Around Mariager Fjord there are a number of unique natural areas, Which are perfect for a picnic or a family excursion.

Activities in the nature

The countless natural areas in Mariagerfjord does not only contain overwhelming plant- and animal life, but also plenty of possibilities for active experiences for the whole family.

Explore nature with the NatureExpedition Kit

Nature Expedition Kit

At the tourist information offices you can rent a backpack, full of exciting tools to explore nature. Aided by rutes ans inspiration brochures Yao are able to go on Your own NatureExpidition in the forest or at the beach.