The numerous natural areas in Mariagerfjord is a good base for a cosy bike ride, exercise cycling or a biking holiday. 

The terrain south of Mariager Fjord and along East Coast is relatively flat and perfect for a family bike ride, while the hilly terrains ate perfect for exercise cycling. In the forest of Rold Skov, there are some of Denmarks best mountain bike tracks.

Inspiration for the bike ride

When You are planning Your bike ride og cycling holiday, You can combine cycling with a wide range of outdoor activities. You may also rent a bike here and leave Your own bike at home.

Rent a bike at the tourist information offices

Rent a bicycle

In Mariagerfjord You dont need to bother to bring Your own bicycle - You can rent bicycles and mountainbikes at the local tourist information offices in Hobro, Mariager and Øster Hurup.

Go on a unforgettable GPS treasure hunt around Mariager Fjord


Bicycle trails

In Mariagerfjord there are plenty of options for taking a bike ride in scenic settings.

Route stages

Circuit routes

Route 32 - Bicycle trail around Mariager Fjord

Route 32

The Marguerite Route

The Marguerite Route

The Hærvejen Route

The Hærvejen Route

The North Sea Trail in Mariagerfjord

The North Sea Trail

Accomodation on the Bike Ride

If You are looking for the ultimate nature experience or just a different holiday experience, then you can sleet under the open sky in Mariagerfjord.

You can stay in one of the many shelters or at one of the many campsites. You can also sleep in a hammock in one of the publiv forests around Mariager Fjord.

Shelters and campsites around the fjord

Shelters and campsites

If You are looking for the ultimate nature experience, then a stay in one of the many shelters or at one of the campsites, are perfect to combine with a Bike Ride or sailing kayak/canoe on Denmark's most beautiful fjord.

Rent a hammock

Rent a hammock

Camping sites in Mariagerfjord

Camping sites

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