Canoe, kayak and watersports

It is not without reason, that Mariager Fjord is known as "Denmark's most beautiful fjord" - The fjord is a perfect base for a wide range of activities by the water. Sailing in the calm waters of the fjord is perfect for a family excursion, which may be combined with other activities and accomodation in the nature.

The lovely East Coast by Kattegat also offers good conditions for watersports - e.g. kitesurfing and waterskiing etc.


Rent a canoe, kayak or dinghy

Mariagerfjord is a perfect place to rent canoes, kayaks and dinghies for any purpose - e.g. a fishing trip or just a quiet family excursion on the fjord. 

Mariagerfjord Kayak

Mariagerfjord Kayak

Mariagerfjord Kayak rents out kayaks, Angling-kayaks, dinghies and canoes. Mariagerfjord Kayak offers single boat rental, guided tours and activities for lager groups.

Activities in the waterline

Mariager Fjord and Kattegat are a true Eldorado for watersports enthusiasts and families, who just want to enjoy a quiet day at Denmark's most beautiful fjord. 

More experiences in the nature

The natural areas in Mariagerfjord are perfect for a wide of activities - Regardless if you want to break a swear or simply go on a family picnic uanset om du vil have pulsen op eller på skovtur med familien.

Shelters and campsites around Mariager Fjord

Shelters and campsites

If You are looking for the ultimate nature experience or just a different holiday experience, You can stay in one of the shelters in Mariagerfjord or go camping at one of the campsites.

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