Active experiences

Active experiences

Regardless if you prefer sailing, Angling, windsurfing, bathing or waterskiing - around Mariager Fjord You will find plenty of possibilities for active experiences.

The area around the fjord offers a wide selection of nature experiences for Your holiday. Here You will find both sea, fjord, forests, sandy beaches and unique nature areas - each and everyone perfect bases for actice experiences for the whole family!

Activities in the nature

No matter which activity you prefer, you will find a good base for it in the Mariagerfjord area.

E.g. Combine a fishing trip with a NatureExpedition, where the children can examine the plant and animal life in the waterline, while you catch the supper...

Angling in Mariager Fjord

An Anglers Paradise

The trout fishing in Mariager Fjord is something different! The trout is not just well fed, but close to obese and they have a unique combination of red, brown and golden shade colours.

On land, at sea or in the fjord...

Experience nature on Your own - on foot, by bike or in canoe or kayak - Regardless what You choose, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the beautiful nature around the fjord or at the eastern shore.

Sleep under the stars

If You are looking for the ultimate nature experience or if You are just looking for unique holiday ideas, Yao are allowed to sleep under the open sky.

There are several shelters and campsites in the Mariagerfjord area, which You are free to use - or You can sleep in a hammock in one of the public forests...

Shelters and campsites around Mariager Fjord

Shelters and campsites

Get a different and cheap holiday, by staying in one of the many shelters or camping at one of the many campsites. This offers You the possibility of the ultimate nature experience, by combining sleepung under the open sky with biking or sailing in canoe/kayak.