Low budget holidays in Mariagerfjord

A family holiday in Denmark is not neccesarily expensive - We have collected a number of ideas for cheap or FREE holiday activities and accomodation in Mariagerfjord.

Free or cheap activities in Mariagerfjord

The Mariagerfjord area is full of FREE or cheap activities for the whole family. Mariagerfjord offers stunning nature around Denmarks Most Beautiful Fjord, child-friendly beaches and countless cultural activities.

Cheap camping in Mariagerfjord

In Mariagerfjord, there is a wide selection of family Camping Sites - not only luxurious camping sites with any thinkable facility - but also camping sites, with the most neccessary facilities at very reasonable rates.

All Camping Sites

Bramslev Bakker Camping

The Camping Site is situated in the beautiful nature at the hills of "Bramslev Bakker". From here, there is a magnificent view over Mariager Fjord - at the foot of the hills lies a lovely little "blue flag" aproved beach and bathing jetty.

Alternative types of accommodation

Besides cheap Camping Sites, Bed & Breakfasts and Hostels etc. - In Mariagerfjord You will also find some cheap or free alternatives, accommodation like nothing else under the open sky at Denmarks Most Beautiful Fjord

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