Hadsund - The town by the bridge

The town of Hadsund was by the Danish author Hans Kirk described as: “a place, where people, flushed in from different locations, are trying to lead a life in harmony”

It was not until 1854 Hadsund became a merchant town, with the market concentrated around the old ferry yard. The ferry yard was rebuilt 1855, and in the following years merchant’s houses mushroomed along the Aalborg main road.

The town developed rapidly in the end of the 19th century. The railroad from Randers was finished in 1883 and in 1900 the railroad connected Hadsund to Alborg as well. By 1904 the bridge over Mariager Fjord was finished (at that time considered a masterpiece of engineering). The two railroads were connected and the ferry was taken out of service. In spite of the success as a merchant’s town, Hadsund remained a small town until the 1960s and 70s when the industry started to blossom, due to massive state investments, and the population doubled within a decade.

All this and much more, you can hear about in Hadsund Egns Museum (Hadsunds’ local museum), which is situated on “Rosendal”- an old water mill with its own mill pond, and an animal park, in the midst of beautiful nature. By the end of August a new section of the museum will open with the exhibition: “Stronger than a hundred men – Danish mill building through 1000 years”. The museum will help you to fully understand, how and why the outer Mariager Fjord area, has developed into what it is today.

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