Family fun

The Mariagerfjord area is the perfect destination for a family holiday. Here you may enjoy a day at Denmarks most child-friendly beach in Øster Hurup or explore one of the experience centres - where the whole family can learn while having fun. 

We also offer an indoor sub-tropical waterpark and holiday centre in Øster Hurup, plenty of activities and events all year and good possibilities for cosy family excursions - e.g. explore nature with a NatureExploration backpack or experience the fjord from the seaside in canoe or kayak.

Attractions for the whole family

Around Mariager Fjord there are many exciting museums and experience centers, Here You cam combine fun and learning to give You an unforgettable holiday experience for the whole family.


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Fyrkat Viking Centre

Fyrkat Viking Centre

Fyrkat Vikinge Centre and the viking settlement is situated west of Hobro, which is also known as"Homestead of the vikings". The Viking Centre offers exciting and educational experiences for the whole family. The Viking settlement is a candidate for the UNESCO World Herritage List.

Activities for anyone

Around Denmarks most beautiful fjord, You will find plenty of oppertunities for family activities.

Family accomodation

When You send Your holiday around Mariager Fjord, it is easy to find a type of accomodation, that suits the wishes of Your family perfectly .

No matter if you seek camping sites, a holiday centre, hotels or if You wish to rent a holiday home - You will find it all here!


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Camping in the Mariagerfjord area and Øster Hurup

Camping sites

Regardless if your looking for a camping site with a lot of family activities or a camping site, where you may enjoy the peace and quiet - you will find the perfect camping site in the Mariagerfjord area.