At the beach

At the beach

Here You will find beaches for every taste - The long child-friendly, sandy beach in Øster Hurup or the cosy fjord beach at Bramslev Bakker. You can also bathe in a indoor subtropical waterpark or at on of the many bathing jetty's by Kattegat and Mariager Fjord.

The many beaches and bathing spots are also great bases for watersports.

At Øster Hurup beach

Enjoy the sandy beaches

The good sandy beaches are perfect places for an excursions on a hot summer day. Enjoy a relaxing day at Denmarks most child friendly beach in Øster Hurup or take a swim in Denmarks most beautiful fjord at Bramslev Bakker etc.

Sandy beach in Øster Hurup

Øster Hurup Beach

The white sandy beach in Øster Hurup is also known as "The most child friendly beach in Denmark". The beach is a good place to spend the hot summer days while enjoying the vibrant beach-life.

Accommodation in the shallows

Close to the fabolous beaches in the Mariagerfjord area, there are several good options for accomodation.

Other activities by the water

Both the waters of Kattegat and Mariager Fjord are perfect for a number of activities and water sports.

Angling in Mariager Fjord

An Anglers Paradise

The trout fishing in Mariager Fjord is something different! The trout is not just well fed, but close to obese and they have a unique combination of red, brown and golden shade colours.