KiteSurfing ved Østkysten

KiteSurfing in Mariagerfjord

The East coast of Mariagerfjord at Kattegat offers, with it's shallow waters and vast ammounts of open waters, great conditions for KiteSurfing...

KiteSurfing is a fast growing sport, which combine traditionel surfing with a kite that creates propulsion. This propulsion makes it easy to reach speeds of up to 35-50 km/h.

The East Coast in Mariagerfjord is characterized by shallow waters and that the ship traffic is reletively far from shore. This gives perfect conditions for KiteSurfing, when the wind direction is right.

Holiday life at The East Coast

In Øster Hurup, and along the rest of the shore towards Kattegat, there are a great selection of attractions, activities and accomodation - eg. holiday homes, Holiday Centre and Camping Sites etc.

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