The restaurants around Mariager Fjord, the local specialities and quality produce are a delight for every sense. The wide selection of unique and diverse tastes in our area, will satisfy every tastebud.

The local restaurants offer everything from traditionel danish cuisine of high quality to delicious italian dishes and You can always enjoy your meal in beautiful and authentic sorroundings.

Bon appetite!

Local specialities

Around Mariager Fjord there are proud traditions for producing high quality foods. Taste beer from the Bies Bryghus brewery in Hobro, Seething salts from Mariager Saltcenter and a wide selection of sweets and tofee from Lækkerifabrikken in Mariager.


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Bies Bryghus Brewery in Hobro

The Bies Bryghus brewery

Bies Bryghus is a modern micro-brewery in the centre of Hobro. The brewery produces high quality beer, which can be tasted at the Bies Bryghus Restaurant. The brewery is based on more than 150 years of local brewer traditions and Brewermaster Hans Jacob Bies old recipes.

Where to eat?

Around Mariager Fjord there are a wide range of good restaurants in every category and price class. Regardless if You are looking for outstanding gastronomical experiences or quality fast food, You will fild it here!


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The good products

The distance between manufacturers of local products and consumers, is very short in our area. At fairs, markets and in one of the farm shopsyou may meet the manufacturer and buy the delicious local products.

The Organic Market in Hobro

The Organic Market in Hobro

The Organic Market in Hobro is a vibrant indoor-market, where You will have plenty of oppertunities for tasting and experiencing the mainly local organic products. The participants are mainly local manufactures and sellers of organic products.

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