Go on a GPS Treasure Hunt

GeoCaching in Mariagerfjord

GeoCaching is a GPS Treasure Hunt where You, with a GPS device and a set of coordinates, find hidden treasures (caches) in the nature. GeoCaching is a fun family activity for an hour or a day - depends on weather, time and Your temper.

We have hidden a series of 15 caches around Mariager Fjord. This series contains 3 sub-series (1-5, 6-10 and 11-15). 

Nature Expedition Kit

The Nature Expidition Kit

At the Tourist Information offices in Mariagerfjord, You can borrow a backpack with alot of exciting tools for exploring the nature.

With the help of route decribtions and inspirational reading, You can bring Your family on a fun and exciting nature expidition in the woods or at the beach in Mariagerfjord. 

Mariager - The town of roses

Mariager - The town of roses

The establishment of the Birgittiner convent in approx. 1446 resulted in the rapid sprouting of trade and craft industries. Mariager is called the “City of Roses” and is an idyllic town with cobblestone streets and old timber-framed houses. The town abounds with shops, fine restaurants and lodging establishments. The town’s history is also recounted at Mariager Museum and is evident in the impressive Abbey Church.

Hobro - Homestead of the vikings

Hobro - Homestead of the vikings

In downtown Hobro, you will find a wonderful pedestrian street, with lots of shops and various kinds of entertainment. There is Hobro Museum, which exhibits the Fyrkat findings, and in the old brewery yard is Bies Gaard, where a new microbrewery is in the process of moving in, and which is still the home of the town’s art museum named Kunstetagerne.

Hadsund - The town by the bridge

Hadsund - The town by the bridge

It was not until 1854 Hadsund became a merchant town, with the market concentrated around the old ferry yard. The ferry yard was rebuilt 1855, and in the following years merchant’s houses mushroomed along the Aalborg main road.

The most child friendly beach in Denmark

Øster Hurup - The most child friendly beach in Denmark

The old fishing village of Øster Hurup, beautifully situated on the eastern coast of Himmerland by the sea of Kattegat, between Lille Vildmose and Mariager Fjord, welcomes you for a lovely holiday all year round. Here you’ll find the safest and most child friendly beach in Denmark.